Brevent Chalet 015 – Update

Brevent Chalet 015 – Update

It has been a busy few weeks here at Pangea Services with some large scale renovation projects now fully underway. As usual, our projects remain on schedule and on budget, using only the best contractors in the region to carry out some impressive structural transformations.

One of our major construction projects in Brevent is now well underway. We have now set up our temporary site office, essential for a project of this size and duration. From here our team can easily meet with all contractors and the client on site to review plans and discuss progress.

With major excavations being carried out all around the chalet, we quickly discovered that the original foundations of the property required upgrading. We needed to recast a concrete footing to properly support the building and to allow us to install the damp proof membrane to adequately protect the structure from the weather in the region.

Our team have plenty of experience with renovations like these and the key to keeping things on schedule is proper planning. With such major structural work taking place, it was essential to work in stages to avoid destabilising the building. Throughout the process we remain in contact with the client and the builders, providing realistic estimates of the time required to complete each section of recasting and membrane installation.

The building facia has now been fully stripped away and will eventually be replaced once work on the foundations has been completed. The aged slate roof can then be stripped away too, ready for replacement with more uniform slate finish, which will complete the exterior facelift.

Brevent Chalet 015

Brevent Chalet 015

Pangea renovation projects cover buildings of all sizes, this particular project is certainly on the larger end of the scale.

We are currently in the process of delivering a full turnkey solution for a property which we had managed under its previous owners. We are on track to finish the project by Autumn 2020.

To give you a sense of the scale, this Chalet in Brevent has 6 bedrooms, 6 ensuite bathrooms, a separate lounge and dining room, a kitchen, skiroom, laundry room, cinema room, gym, wellness area (including a sauna, hammam and shower room) and a terrace area which includes a spa.

The work required on the property is extensive, with a full strip back to shell and roof removal required. We are also working with architects on an extension, which requires both external excavation and damp proofing.

Looking ahead, the chalet will be kitted out with an entirely modern domotics system; a popular choice amongst our clients, which will control the lighting, climate, entertainment systems and appliances.

We are planning the installation of underfloor heating in all the bathrooms, new lighting in all rooms and a heated external driveway. Full plumbing infrastructure modifications will be needed as well, including hot/cold/waste/extract systems, a boiler and a fuel tank.

Work on the architectural interior will include the installation of new internal ceilings, walls (painted with some wood panelling) and timber/tiled floors. The 6 bathrooms will be divided into wetrooms and master bathroom suites. All the kitchen appliances and joinery, including storage units, seating area and office area will be installed with bespoke designs, alongside the aforementioned wellness area with hammam, sauna and wash facilities.

For the architectural exterior, all windows and doors will need replacing, and our client requires a new decked terrace including a hot tub. The property will have a beautiful slate roof and contemporary glazed extension structures. The area surrounding the property will require full hard and soft external landscaping, and we will also need to completely renovate an external garage, replacing the electrics, windows, roof and walls with render finish.

This is a large job and all together it will take 18 months. The bulk of the work will be completed between April 2019 and July 2020. The demolition is already complete, everything else will be split across four phases:

Phase 1 – The property will be waterproofed by Summer 2019.

Phase 2 – From Summer 2019, we will begin all internal refurbishments over 45 weeks.

Phase 3 – All garden landscaping, heated driveway installation, wood and stone exterior finishes will commence in Spring 2020 with completion Autumn 2020

Phase 4 – Finally in Autumn 2020 all furniture will be moved into the property in time for the winter season.

As you can see, this project will require us to employ a wide variety of our team’s skills. Our extensive experience navigating local planning regulations helps us keep to the schedule, whilst our tried-and-tested network of trusted contractors ensures we are able to stick to the budget and deliver the kind of premium quality finish our client requires.

As the project is ongoing, we’ll continue to provide updates on progress. In the meantime, if you’re planning a construction or renovation project in the valley don’t hesitate to get in touch. No project is too complex for our team.

Co-property 17

Co-property 17

Co-property 17 involved the total renovation of an apartment interior in Brevent – including a full re-wire and installation of a new heating system, giving the Pangea team a chance to demonstrate their expertise in navigating the complex legislation regarding developing within French apartment blocks.

The 100m2 property was located inside a block with around 100 others, managed by a ‘co-property.’ As is standard in these cases, some potential changes to the interior, as well as any made to the exterior, must be signed off by the landlord – a complex bureaucratic process. Thankfully Pangea have plenty of experience renovating within apartment blocks, having worked on the vast majority of co-properties in the Chamonix Valley already.

Our clients find this experience invaluable, we can easily advise on what can and can’t be done to this kind of property, including specific restrictions regarding demolitions and time-of-year restrictions on modifications to the heating system.

In the case of this apartment in Brevent, Pangea delivered a full turnkey solution. The medium sized apartment features an open plan lounge dining area, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a kitchen and a guest WC. We completed a full strip back to shell and renovation within 5 months, delivering the project on time for use during the Christmas holidays of 2018.

The dated electrics meant that the property required a full rewire to support the latest appliances and repositioning of sockets and fixtures. With the property stripped back to shell, Pangea arranged the installation of a completely new plumbing infrastructure, including hot, cold, waste and extraction systems. Complex liaison with the co-property building management was required for the replacement radiators, which were then connected to a home automation system. Co-property authorisation was also required for the external works, namely the modern, energy efficient replacement windows and doors. To fully modernise, we installed a domotics system, which is a popular home automation system allowing the owner to control lighting, climate, entertainment systems and appliances locally or remotely via a phone app. Underfloor heating was installed in the bathrooms and the lighting design added the final touches to a beautiful, modern apartment.

The architectural interior required new internal ceilings and walls. Exquisite timber floors complemented wooden panelled walls and a bespoke fitted kitchen, including appliances. A theme of dusky greys and blacks ran throughout. Some rooms required wall/floor tiling, including a wet-room shower and a master bathroom suite. We worked with the client to deliver exactly what they were looking for in terms of interior furnishings, including storage units and bunk beds, creating an efficient and aesthetically pleasing space.

For many who are looking to improve a property in the Chamonix valley, especially those who do not permanently live nearby, keeping on top of a renovation project is nigh on impossible. We take the reins, offering a primary point of contact on the ground and overseeing the entire project from start to finish. This case study was a great example of our ability to work constructively with local actors such as co-property management, which can so often trip people up when they’re attempting to refurbish an apartment. Despite these challenges, we kept the project moving along smoothly, finishing on time and delivering exactly what our client was looking for.

Le Lavancher Chalet Renovation

Le Lavancher Chalet Renovation

The Chamonix area is home to a range of different styles of building and types of architecture. We are lucky enough to work on a great variety of construction and renovation projects old and new for our clients, from extensions and modifications to complete overhauls.

Refitted living area of chalet

Phase 1 involved a complete modernisation of the chalet interior

Most recently, we completed phase 1 of a large renovation project for a client with a property in Le Lavancher.

The client had purchased a spacious but dated chalet. Many areas of the property were in drastic need of improvement, from the old and inadequate heating system to the power, drainage and telecoms. In addition, the general finish and appearance of the property required a considerable update. Faced with these considerable challenges, the owner of the property contacted Pangea to manage and oversee a total renovation

At 230 square metres, this was certainly a big project – which made it an ideal for our experienced team.

Pangea were able to deliver a full “turn-key” approach to the refurbishment. Our client could rest easy in the knowledge that every aspect of the renovation would be carefully and efficiently managed by our team. Phase 1 of the renovation was completed between July 2017 and March 2018 – coming in both on time and on budget – which meant that the owner could visit and enjoy their newly refurbished property over the 2018 Easter holidays.

Chalet bathroom refitted

A modernised bathroom was a welcome addition to the ageing chalet

Phase 1 of the renovations included the vast majority of the internal work as well as a few external jobs; enough to make the property extremely comfortable and perfectly habitable. The work Pangea completed on behalf of the client included:

  • Sourcing and engaging architectural & interior design
  • Managing planning applications & statutory approvals
  • Undertaking a full interior refurbishment including:
  • Demolition of existing interior finishes
  • Installation of plumbing & electrical services
  • New central heating system
  • New bathrooms & WC’s (7 in total)
  • New kitchen installations (3 in total)
  • Partitions & suspended ceilings
  • Full internal redecorations
  • Interior joinery – doors, storage, staircases
  • Sauna installation
  • Home entertainment system
  • Intruder alarm systems
  • Supply & installation of furnishing & soft finishes
  • Exterior works package including:
  • Demolitions to existing external structures
  • Extensive excavation for damp proofing
  • Roof replacement (including Eco roof to garage structure)
  • Extension and formation of garage & utility spaces
  • External timber cladding
  • Utilities rerouting: drainage, rainwater, power, telecoms, fuel tank installation
  • External windows & door replacement

For all renovation projects the team at Pangea Services work with a well established network of trusted local traders and suppliers.

Our experience renovating properties in this region means we know exactly who to call and what to budget for the many different jobs that comprise a full renovation.

Armed with this invaluable knowledge, we are able to complete even large renovations such as this on time and on budget.

New kitchen in chalet

A full kitchen redesign was required to bring the facilities up to a modern standard

Many of our clients live abroad. This presents unique challenges for property owners, so many of our clients find it extremely helpful to have a team on the ground in Chamonix handling the day to day management of their property. As the client hoped to use the property over the Easter holidays, our property management and concierge service came in especially useful. Our team prepared everything for the client’s arrival, ensuring easy entry to the chalet, simple internet access, fully stocked fridges and all the support they could need in order to truly make the most of their Easter holiday.

Refurbished chalet interior

The redesigned interior used warm textures to create a welcoming, homely space

With phase 1 works now complete, the focus shifts to phase 2 – the final transformation needed to make the property truly shine. Phase 2 will see all external rendering and decorations added, installation of the driveway, landscaping and garden design and final installation of the decking and spa. These jobs are expected to be completed in July, just in time for the summer holidays.

Check back later this year for more information about this and other Pangea Services renovation projects in the Chamonix valley. If you are looking to renovate a property in the valley and need the peace of mind knowing everything is being taken care of, why not reach out to our team today for a chat about how we can help? With our local contacts and extensive experience you won’t find a more dependable team to work with. Just take a look at our testimonials to see what our many delighted clients have to say.

Les Nants Chalet

Les Nants Chalet

We are often approached by new owners of properties in the Chamonix area who are seeking a complete renovation service. In these cases, such as this project in Les Nants, we are able to draw on our full range of services. Here, we initially set about improving the infrastructure of the building, before completely refitting the interior. As you can see, the end result was a fantastic finish and we continue to keep in close contact with the client to provide ongoing management services.

For many who are looking to improve a property in the Chamonix valley, especially those who do not permanently live nearby, keeping on top of a renovation project is nigh on impossible. This is why we take the reigns, providing a primary point of contact on the ground and overseeing the entire project from start to finish. For this particular property, we worked closely with an interior design team, providing consultation on the structural requirements needed to realise the client’s vision and then turning those designs into reality.

To begin with, we performed a thorough survey in order to create a detailed specification for the renovation. Our experience working on properties in various states of repair means we can quickly identify the necessary work needed early on. In this case, a partial electrical rewire was called for, as well as the installation of a new central heating system. These upgrades would be necessary to meet the intended rental demands the Client is seeking and to enable adequate power supplies for new sauna and spa installations in the property.

We’re well acquainted with the technical requirements of luxury facilities such as the sauna fitted here; it’s always a popular feature in an iconic skiing area as there’s no better way to relax after a day on the slopes!

Our aim is always to realise the full potential of a property, ensuring that the work we carry out will be of the highest standard. In order to achieve this, we work with a number of selected specialists who have a proven track record. By making sure we plan properly during the early stages we avoid surprises later in the project. Every property we work on is built to last, which can save significant amounts of money in the long run.

With onsite management throughout to coordinate and monitor all aspects of the project, we can keep a close eye on progress and keep our clients fully informed as the project progresses. Not only do we handle the organisation of sub-contractors and the sourcing of material, we carry out thorough audits at key stages of the project which ensures that even the most ambitious projects are delivered on time and on budget.

Our work doesn’t just end with the completion of the project. We value that our customers continue their relationship with us, often trusting us with the ongoing maintenance and care of their property. For many who are not native to Chamonix, we are able to take the stress out of upkeep; from dealing with local bureaucracy and setting up the wi-fi, to mowing the lawn and getting things ready for the next arrival. We’re able to perform a seamless transition from finishing a refit to maintaining the property to the same standard for years to come, as well as providing a friendly, welcoming face for the next visit.

Client Testimonial

“We started working with Pangea to renovate and manage an old chalet that we purchased six months ago. They have helped us to transform it completely into what is now a bright, modern and lovely chalet. We are hugely impressed with the finish of the works and the warm and professional level of service they have provided both on the renovation and on the property management. Working with them has saved us a tremendous amount of hassle and has always been a complete pleasure. We look forward to continuing our relationship for a long time.”

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