Le Lavancher Chalet 002

Le Lavancher Chalet 002

We are currently working on a major renovation project in Le Lavancher, which is on schedule for completion in December 2019.

The project incorporates extensive refurbishment of a chalet, a garage and two mazots. Like many of our projects, this is a full turnkey solution, starting with the demolition of an existing garage structure and full strip back to shell of the main chalet and mazots. These digital renders illustrate the scale of the property.

The renovation is a large project comprised of many different and specialised works. The main chalet will ultimately include 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, an open plan lounge and dining area, kitchen, cinema room and a games room. In total the project will cover 180 square metres.

The first mazot will include a lounge & living room, a mezzanine level with staircase and an extension bathroom/WC.

The second mazot will include a lounge/living room and a bathroom/WC.

The rebuilt garage will be double sized to accommodate two vehicles.

With such a fast track project to deliver, proper planning is essential to stay on schedule.

Our team first breaks the project down into phases and then draws upon our previous experience to make accurate estimates for completion of each phase. This allows us to accurately track progress along the way.

Major excavations are now well underway in the garden of the property. Extensive work is required in order to establish new service routes for mains sewerage, rainwater and power. As soon as this is complete the earth will be moved back into place, allowing garden landscaping to begin.

Due to the age of the property and the scale of the work taking place, an electrical rewire is essential. Modern features including underfloor heating and new lighting will be installed. New plumbing and heating systems will also be fitted to bring the hot/cold/waste/extract systems and boiler up to modern specifications.

Following the completion of the rewire, work will begin on the new architectural interior, including new internal ceilings, walls, timber floors, installation of the new bathroom suites, tiling and installation of the new bespoke fitted kitchen and joinery.

For the exterior, work is currently underway on enlarging the existing decked terrace, sandblasting of the external timbers & re-staining of the wood to ensure a weatherproof and attractive finish.

External render finishes will also receive a paint finish to complete the facade overhaul.

Whilst the existing roof is largely to be retained, we will be upgrading the insulation internally to improve the energy efficiency of the property as well as installing several velux windows to provide additional natural light to the bedrooms and hallway on the 2nd floor.

Our team ensure the project continues to move forward on schedule by coordinating with the many different contractors working on the property to ensure all are able to proceed as quickly and efficiently as possible. The project began in April 2019 and will meet a deadline of December 2019, allowing the client to enjoy their chalet over the winter holiday period. Now that the project is well underway keep an eye on our blog for more updates as it continues to progress.

Brevent Chalet 015 – Update

Brevent Chalet 015 – Update

It has been a busy few weeks here at Pangea Services with some large scale renovation projects now fully underway. As usual, our projects remain on schedule and on budget, using only the best contractors in the region to carry out some impressive structural transformations.

One of our major construction projects in Brevent is now well underway. We have now set up our temporary site office, essential for a project of this size and duration. From here our team can easily meet with all contractors and the client on site to review plans and discuss progress.

With major excavations being carried out all around the chalet, we quickly discovered that the original foundations of the property required upgrading. We needed to recast a concrete footing to properly support the building and to allow us to install the damp proof membrane to adequately protect the structure from the weather in the region.

Our team have plenty of experience with renovations like these and the key to keeping things on schedule is proper planning. With such major structural work taking place, it was essential to work in stages to avoid destabilising the building. Throughout the process we remain in contact with the client and the builders, providing realistic estimates of the time required to complete each section of recasting and membrane installation.

The building facia has now been fully stripped away and will eventually be replaced once work on the foundations has been completed. The aged slate roof can then be stripped away too, ready for replacement with more uniform slate finish, which will complete the exterior facelift.

Brevent Chalet 015

Brevent Chalet 015

Pangea renovation projects cover buildings of all sizes, this particular project is certainly on the larger end of the scale.

We are currently in the process of delivering a full turnkey solution for a property which we had managed under its previous owners. We are on track to finish the project by Autumn 2020.

To give you a sense of the scale, this Chalet in Brevent has 6 bedrooms, 6 ensuite bathrooms, a separate lounge and dining room, a kitchen, skiroom, laundry room, cinema room, gym, wellness area (including a sauna, hammam and shower room) and a terrace area which includes a spa.

The work required on the property is extensive, with a full strip back to shell and roof removal required. We are also working with architects on an extension, which requires both external excavation and damp proofing.

Looking ahead, the chalet will be kitted out with an entirely modern domotics system; a popular choice amongst our clients, which will control the lighting, climate, entertainment systems and appliances.

We are planning the installation of underfloor heating in all the bathrooms, new lighting in all rooms and a heated external driveway. Full plumbing infrastructure modifications will be needed as well, including hot/cold/waste/extract systems, a boiler and a fuel tank.

Work on the architectural interior will include the installation of new internal ceilings, walls (painted with some wood panelling) and timber/tiled floors. The 6 bathrooms will be divided into wetrooms and master bathroom suites. All the kitchen appliances and joinery, including storage units, seating area and office area will be installed with bespoke designs, alongside the aforementioned wellness area with hammam, sauna and wash facilities.

For the architectural exterior, all windows and doors will need replacing, and our client requires a new decked terrace including a hot tub. The property will have a beautiful slate roof and contemporary glazed extension structures. The area surrounding the property will require full hard and soft external landscaping, and we will also need to completely renovate an external garage, replacing the electrics, windows, roof and walls with render finish.

This is a large job and all together it will take 18 months. The bulk of the work will be completed between April 2019 and July 2020. The demolition is already complete, everything else will be split across four phases:

Phase 1 – The property will be waterproofed by Summer 2019.

Phase 2 – From Summer 2019, we will begin all internal refurbishments over 45 weeks.

Phase 3 – All garden landscaping, heated driveway installation, wood and stone exterior finishes will commence in Spring 2020 with completion Autumn 2020

Phase 4 – Finally in Autumn 2020 all furniture will be moved into the property in time for the winter season.

As you can see, this project will require us to employ a wide variety of our team’s skills. Our extensive experience navigating local planning regulations helps us keep to the schedule, whilst our tried-and-tested network of trusted contractors ensures we are able to stick to the budget and deliver the kind of premium quality finish our client requires.

As the project is ongoing, we’ll continue to provide updates on progress. In the meantime, if you’re planning a construction or renovation project in the valley don’t hesitate to get in touch. No project is too complex for our team.

Le Planet Chalet 004

Le Planet Chalet 004

At Pangea Services we have carried out renovation projects on buildings with all kinds of unique architectural designs, this project was a continuation of that theme.

The Chamonix area is home to a wide variety of different styles of architecture. From extensions and modifications to complete overhauls, we are lucky to work on a great variety of construction and renovation projects. In this case, we delivered a full turnkey solution for a beautifully modern home in a remote part of the valley.

Unfortunately, the new owners had purchased a chalet which had been poorly renovated and it was therefore necessary to undo much of this work to make way for the improvements planned. Having managed many demolition and renovation projects before, our team were a perfect fit.

Much of the building was stripped back to facilitate the remodelling of the interior layout. Co-ordinating with our network of trusted local contractors, we arranged for a partial rewire during this time to improve and expand the electrical supply throughout the building. Much of the plumbing infrastructure also needed rebuilding, adding hot/cold/waste/extraction systems to support the redesigned bathrooms, wet-room and wellness area (hammam & sauna).

New electric underfloor heating systems were installed to bathrooms and redesigned lighting was installed throughout the chalet, further enhancing the feel of interior space.

The architectural interior required extensive modification to bring it up to the standard required by the new owners. We oversaw the installation of new internal ceilings, floors, walls and a mezzanine structure making use of attractive wooden panelling wherever possible to bring an air of light and warmth to the chalet in line with the vision of the client.

Our expertise enables us to deliver whatever features and modifications our clients’ desire. In this case we arranged fitment of two bespoke kitchens, including appliances and of course all the bespoke joinery required for a seamless finish. The property was completed with the addition of a hammam, sauna and a new decked terrace with hot tub.

The project was delivered on time, ready for the Client’s summer holidays in their new home in the Alps. Despite the property’s relatively remote location, all work was undertaken during the snow filled winter months (no mean feat considering the area received up to 4 metres of snow during this period).

If you are looking for an extensive overhaul to a property in the Chamonix valley, or even small renovations and extensions, the team at Pangea Services are here to help manage and deliver your project on time. Get in touch today and find out how we can deliver your dream home in the mountains.

Co-property 17

Co-property 17

Co-property 17 involved the total renovation of an apartment interior in Brevent – including a full re-wire and installation of a new heating system, giving the Pangea team a chance to demonstrate their expertise in navigating the complex legislation regarding developing within French apartment blocks.

The 100m2 property was located inside a block with around 100 others, managed by a ‘co-property.’ As is standard in these cases, some potential changes to the interior, as well as any made to the exterior, must be signed off by the landlord – a complex bureaucratic process. Thankfully Pangea have plenty of experience renovating within apartment blocks, having worked on the vast majority of co-properties in the Chamonix Valley already.

Our clients find this experience invaluable, we can easily advise on what can and can’t be done to this kind of property, including specific restrictions regarding demolitions and time-of-year restrictions on modifications to the heating system.

In the case of this apartment in Brevent, Pangea delivered a full turnkey solution. The medium sized apartment features an open plan lounge dining area, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a kitchen and a guest WC. We completed a full strip back to shell and renovation within 5 months, delivering the project on time for use during the Christmas holidays of 2018.

The dated electrics meant that the property required a full rewire to support the latest appliances and repositioning of sockets and fixtures. With the property stripped back to shell, Pangea arranged the installation of a completely new plumbing infrastructure, including hot, cold, waste and extraction systems. Complex liaison with the co-property building management was required for the replacement radiators, which were then connected to a home automation system. Co-property authorisation was also required for the external works, namely the modern, energy efficient replacement windows and doors. To fully modernise, we installed a domotics system, which is a popular home automation system allowing the owner to control lighting, climate, entertainment systems and appliances locally or remotely via a phone app. Underfloor heating was installed in the bathrooms and the lighting design added the final touches to a beautiful, modern apartment.

The architectural interior required new internal ceilings and walls. Exquisite timber floors complemented wooden panelled walls and a bespoke fitted kitchen, including appliances. A theme of dusky greys and blacks ran throughout. Some rooms required wall/floor tiling, including a wet-room shower and a master bathroom suite. We worked with the client to deliver exactly what they were looking for in terms of interior furnishings, including storage units and bunk beds, creating an efficient and aesthetically pleasing space.

For many who are looking to improve a property in the Chamonix valley, especially those who do not permanently live nearby, keeping on top of a renovation project is nigh on impossible. We take the reins, offering a primary point of contact on the ground and overseeing the entire project from start to finish. This case study was a great example of our ability to work constructively with local actors such as co-property management, which can so often trip people up when they’re attempting to refurbish an apartment. Despite these challenges, we kept the project moving along smoothly, finishing on time and delivering exactly what our client was looking for.