So far in 2018 we have enjoyed working closely with a number of new and existing clients in the Chamonix valley, keeping their second homes in top shape and making quick and trouble free progress on some exciting projects.

One such project was the property renovation management of a 230 square metre chalet in Le Lavancher. The chalet was in desperate need of renovation, meaning the work required was extensive, but all well within the skill set of our experienced team.

Whilst every property renovation management project is unique to its owner, many property renovations in Chamonix involve similar tasks – often updating key parts of the property to bring them in line with modern standards.

Second homeowners renovating existing, older properties in the valley often find them fitted with old, inadequate heating systems, dated electronics and ageing fixtures. Many are in dire need of someone to manage the replacement process, as this can be incredibly time consuming and near impossible whilst living and working abroad.

Our team function as a single port of call to run and manage even the most ambitious chalet construction and renovation projects in Chamonix, ensuring everything is brought in within budget and completed on schedule.

One of the most important jobs in this particular renovation was a full refit of the heating system. The existing system was no longer enough to make the property comfortable. Modern systems are capable of far more efficient and reliable performance, so a replacement was arranged by our team. Pangea sourced and oversaw installation of a new, superior modern system and remodelled the living area around a beautiful new log fire. Our local team were able to visit the property and remain on site to supervise everything, ensuring all measurements were accurate and that the installation could be completed without issue. Pangea sourced quality, reliable equipment in order to achieve the greatest value for money for our client.

Of course, making the living area pleasantly warm and comfortable was only part of this large renovation project. With the property vacant and undergoing such extensive refurbishment, this was the perfect opportunity to fully update the interior joinery.

Many of our clients love the look and natural warmth of wood interiors. We use our network of trusted and reliable expert local joiners, built up over many years, who craft outstanding beams, doors, wall panels and more from locally sourced wood.

Our expertise means we can take complete control of providing measurements and specifications, ensuring any joinery completed as part of our property management service is of the kind of quality which will provide decades of trouble free enjoyment.

A number of internal and external demolitions were also required in order to properly make space for the new features and additions to the chalet. Since the client was working abroad, the Pangea team took complete control of these works, ensuring safe and proper demolition of interior finishes and reshaping of structures which had become incompatible with modern interior design. Just as with the joinery, we again turned to our trusted local network of construction and architectural experts to ensure the work was completed with the utmost professionalism, on schedule and for a reasonable price.

Tasks like these are common to many property renovations in the Chamonix valley. In each case, we listen carefully to the homeowner to understand exactly what they want to achieve with their refurbishment, then make their dream into a reality.

Our property management services are designed to take the work out of owning and maintaining a second home in Chamonix. If you need help with property management in Chamonix don’t hesitate to give our friendly team a call to discuss your needs, we would be delighted to hear from you.