Construction Process

Experienced project management for easy over seas construction.

Our typical work process has been developed to offer a structured approach to meet all your refurbishment and renovation requirements.

Many of our Clients own secondary homes in the Alps but live overseas. Embarking on any construction project can be daunting, but even more so if the project you are looking at will be completed remotely. We understand that no two construction projects are the same, but the management principles required to effectively manage and deliver them remain constant.

Close communication

We recognise our clients’ concerns and it is for this reason we offer this step-by-step approach to help simplify the process. We will take the time to listen to what you hope to achieve, and consult with you to find practical solutions from the start. As a bilingual team with a multinational staff from both sides of the Atlantic, you can be sure we will listen to what you have to say. Ultimately, we can alleviate the frustration of having work carried out abroad, and ensure that you are kept up to date throughout the entire process.

Transparency from start to finish

If we can prepare and plan the project well from the offset we are more likely to avoid nasty surprises later in the process. Cost control can be heavily influenced by effective planning. Similarly, quality can be ensured with experienced project management. If we manage the process effectively from the start we reduce risk and have a much greater capability of delivering the result you require.

Our construction process

Our experience has taught us to keep it simple, so we have developed a 4-stage approach, breaking down the management process into simple steps. We have found that this framework gives us a good structure for most refurbishments and renovations and has been tried and tested over the course of many successful projects.

Stage 1: Client Brief.

During stage one we meet or discuss specific needs with the Client. Key points we look to cover during this stage include (but are not limited to):

  • Identify key project parameters, constraints and objectives
  • Key programmes dates
  • Procurement routes
  • Design options and routes

Stage 2: Information Gathering – Pre-construction.

Stage two typically involves the collation and preparation of the following to steer the project to a position where an effective start on site is possible. Key points we look to cover during this stage include:

  • Obtain record drawing information
  • Instruct site surveys
  • Develop CAD drawings & design pack
  • Finishes selection and development of finishes schedule
  • Preliminary discussions with local authority/Co-property if required
  • Production of detailed room by room cost plan
  • Production of project programme

Stage 3: Project Implementation – Construction phase.

We work with many specialist contractors who carry out different aspects of the project. Our partners will vary, but our close control over the project’s implementation is a constant. We undertake the following during this stage:

  • Communicate with local authority/Co property representatives as required
  • Appoint and manage sub-contractors
  • Take responsibility for assessing the quality of the project
  • Review timescales and manage the process
  • Provide regular progress reports include cost management, progress photos and any key issue arising (bilingual reporting if required)
  • Manage on site Health and Safety compliance

Stage 4: Move & Support.

Not only do we finish the project to an incredibly high standard, you can be sure that we will provide proper after care and facilitate any transitions as completely as possible. This may include the following:

  • Organise removals if required and manage the process of transporting belongings into or out of a property.
  • Provide “As Built” drawings if required
  • Manage warranty issues
  • Provide a smooth transition to our property management services or your preferred ongoing partners.

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