2020 was undoubtedly the most challenging year any of us have ever experienced, yet despite the many obstacles we encountered our team were able to continue to deliver. Indeed, several large projects were completed without disruption to the planned schedule – the results of which can be seen on our blog.

As we move into what will certainly be a brighter 2021 we also have reason to celebrate, as this year marks 10 years of Panga Services. We are delighted with how the company has grown over the last decade and look forward to many more exciting years ahead.

Wooden Dinning Room

10 Years of Pangea Services

Back in 2010, Pangea was formed with the aim of simplifying the process of owning a chalet in Chamonix for overseas buyers who couldn’t be present at all times. We discovered that there was a high demand for our service as we promptly amassed professional clients from all over the world, forming relationships which would last for years to come.


properties managed

Over the last 10 years our team has proudly managed over 240 properties. We’ve worked on everything from full construction projects to strip back to shell projects; from simple extensions to help with the daily operation and maintenance of our client’s chalets.

Weeks of guest bookings managed

Not only have our management services proved to be extremely popular, our concierge services have grown massively since 2010 too. Pangea Services have managed over 1600 weeks of guest bookings for chalet owners in Chamonix. Our clients appreciate that they can take a set and forget approach with our chalet management service, leaving all the heavy lifting up to us. Our resourcefulness in providing cost effective solutions for any issues that may arise without disturbing the client is one of the reasons our services are in such high demand.
A wonderfully refurbished chalet, overseen by our team
Owner profiles from more than


Our owner profiles are drawn from more than 25 nationalities from around the world. We work with clients from London to Asia and everywhere in between. Our multilingual staff are able to make everything as straightforward as possible. Being experienced working with clients from many different cultures means we can be sympathetic towards their varied needs and can deliver a truly personalised service for each client.

construction projects managed

Construction management has grown to become one of our most highly regarded services. In the last 10 years we have managed in excess of 80 construction projects for our clients, with many more in the pipeline for 2021. Due to the obvious difficulties of dealing with complex local service providers, planning regulations and geographical challenges our clients are tremendously grateful for our work simplifying the process of building their dream chalet in Chamonix. No project is too ambitious and we are proud to have overseen the construction of some of the finest chalets in the region.
A delightful interior, refurbished under the management of our team for an overseas owner

million euro of construction work

As testament to our continued successes in managing chalet construction, during the first decade of Pangea Services we have managed over €9.5 million worth of construction work. This huge figure speaks to the level of trust that our clients feel they can place in us to deliver on their projects. In 10 years we have presided over a great variety of construction projects in Chamonix – from rebuilding and repairing old chalets in various states of disrepair, to helping clients realise entirely new, modern architectural visions in the mountains.

We would like to extend our thanks to all of our clients, past and present, for choosing Pangea. We are extremely proud of the work we have completed thus far and eagerly look forward to taking on many more new and exciting projects over the next decade. If you’ve only just discovered Pangea Services and would like to find out more about our work don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team for a chat.