Season rentals




Pangea Services Chamonix (« agent ») rent the residence described (« the property ») for the duration of the rental term and other good and valuable consideration as described herein to the client (« guest »).


To reserve the property the Guest should sign the contract and pay a deposit of 40% of the Total Rental Fee. On receipt of payment, the Rental Agent will then forward confirmation of the booking to the Guest.


The owner declares that the premises offered for rent correspond to the characteristics of decent housing as defined by the decree n° 2002-120 of January 30, inventory of fixtures is a document which describes in detail the state of the housing and its equipment, room by room. It makes it possible to determine whether the rented premises have suffered any damage during the rental period. In case of damage, the owner can compare the inventory of fixtures at the beginning and the inventory of fixtures at the end of the rental period to ask for repair of the deteriorations caused by the tenant. According to article 1730 of the Civil Code, the tenant must return the accommodation as he received it, according to the inventory of fixtures, except for what has perished or has been damaged by obsolescence or force majeure. An inventory of fixtures of entry and exit are established contradictorily between the parts, i.e., at the same time the financial backer and the tenant must be present or represented, and establish together the inventory of fixtures, by agreeing on its contents before signing it. The inventory of fixtures must be established in writing in two copies, signed by the owner (or his representative) and by the tenant. In the absence of an inventory of fixtures, article 1731 of the Civil Code indicates that the tenant is presumed to have received the dwelling in a good state of repair, and must return it as such, unless proven otherwise (for example by photographs of the dwelling). The tenant is thus supposed to take and to have to return the dwelling in perfect condition.


The owner is obliged to deliver to the tenant a clean dwelling and in good general condition, in conformity with the descriptive state of the dwelling. He must make, during the whole duration of the rental contract, all repairs that may become necessary, according to article 1720 of the Civil Code. This does not include rental repairs, as listed in the decree of August 26, 1987. The landlord is obliged to maintain the dwelling in a state of service according to the use for which it was rented. The landlord is obliged to ensure the peaceful enjoyment of the dwelling. The landlord is obliged to guarantee the tenant against defects in the accommodation that prevent its use, even if the landlord did not know about them at the time of signing the rental agreement. If the tenant suffers a loss as a result of these defects, the landlord is obliged to compensate the tenant, as stipulated in Article 1721 of the Civil Code.


Arrival and duration of the rental: Unless otherwise stated in the contract, the entry in the premises will be made from 16H00 on the first day of rental, and the exit before 10H00 on the last day of rental. If the tenant decides to leave the accommodation early, no partial refund is automatically due by the owner. The tenant will not be able under any circumstances to prevail himself of any right to the maintenance in the places at the end of the stay envisaged in the rental agreement.

CAPACITY : The proposed chalet is correctly equipped for the accommodation on the one hand and the reception on the other hand of a maximum number of 10 people as specified in the description of the accommodation or in the rental agreement. Unless expressly authorized by the owner, the tenant agrees to respect these limits of reception and accommodation for the safety of all and the good maintenance of the premises. If the number of persons exceeds the capacity of the accommodation, the owner is entitled to refuse the additional persons or to ask for the payment of an additional sum. This refusal can in no way be considered as a modification or a breach of contract at the initiative of the owner, so that in case of departure, no refund can be considered.

PETS : Pets are not accepted in the accommodation, and the stay of these pets will be refused by the owner. In case of refusal of the owner to welcome certain pets on the premises of the accommodation, this refusal can in no case be considered as a modification or a breach of contract at the initiative of the owner, so that in case of departure of the tenant, no refund can be considered.

RESPECT OF THE PREMISES: The tenant is required to use the accommodation as a good father of the family and to use the premises peacefully, without creating any disturbance to the neighbourhood. He must use the accommodation in accordance with the destination which is envisaged in the rental agreement. The tenant is required to maintain the accommodation himself and to return it, at the time of his departure, in a good state of cleanliness. In case of non-compliance with this obligation, the owner is entitled to claim from the tenant a lump sum to cover the costs of cleaning the accommodation, which amounts to €300.

The seasonal rental is granted only for the exclusive use of housing. It is therefore forbidden to carry out any professional or commercial activity. The tenant is required to occupy the premises personally. He cannot sublet or transfer the rental contract. The tenant must verify that his responsibility is covered by an insurance covering the rental risks. The tenant is obliged to pay all sums due, in particular the rent, the security deposit and, if applicable, the charges and the tourist tax on the date agreed in the rental contract.


60% of the balance is payable 30 days before the start of the Rental Period. If payment is not received, the Rental Agent reserves the right to give notice in writing that the reservation is cancelled.


The cost of flights and airport transfers are not included within the Total Rental Fee.


Services included in the rental are as below

–           Exclusive use property for the period written in the rental contract

–           All utilities & taxes


The property will be available at 4pm unless arranged otherwise with our concierge service


Should you notice any damage inside the property, please make sure you notify the managers right away either by email or by the official messaging system of your booking website. Any damage not reported can be liable to your group.


The guest is responsible for ensuring that he has adequate and fully comprehensive household and third-party liability insurance in line with its intended use.


If you wish to make alterations to your reservation after the Agreement is formed, we will seek to accommodate your request where it is reasonable to do so. Such changes are at the sole discretion of the Rental Agent.


If the Guest chooses to cancel the reservation, the Guest must notify the Rental Agent in writing. The date of cancellation shall be the date that the cancellation letter or email is received and acknowledged by The Rental Agent. Cancellation charges of the Total Rental Fee of the Property will be applied as follows:

Period before Rental Term within which notice of cancellation is received by us in writing / Amount charged as a % of the Total Rental Fee:

More than 4 weeks – 30%

Less than 30 days – 75%

Less than 15 days – 100%


The owner will make every endeavour not to change the terms of this agreement. However, the Landlord does not accept any liability or make any refunds in respect of any change or cancellation made as a result of a force majeure (natural disaster, fire, war, civil strife, industrial dispute, terrorist activity and the like).


A security deposit will be taken using swikly for the amount stipulated in your contract.

The agent reserves the right to debit necessary funds during or at the end of the rental period in order to enable:

  1. The owner to make good any damages to the Property, fixtures, and fittings (“the Contents”).
  2. Any final cleaning costs incurred to return the property back to the standard when the tenancy began and fulfil any obligations of the Tenant for unpaid bills or other similar payments.
  3. Any costs occurred including legal expenses involved in the owner collecting any outstanding monies will be paid by the guest in addition to the afore mentioned.


The Tenant agrees:

  • Not to alter, damage or interfere with the Property including the interior and exterior decorations, the locks on the doors and windows and all of its Contents without the prior agreement of the owner.
  • Not to smoke or allow guests to smoke inside the Property and not to dispose of cigarette butts savagely
  • To inform the agent immediately in the event of any damage or deterioration of the Property or its Contents.
  • Not to do anything which is likely to render the owner’s insurance invalid
  • Not to do anything illegal or that is likely to annoy the neighbours or damage the reputation of the owner.
  • Should the tenant have any complaints about the condition of the Property the Tenant undertakes to contact the agent as soon as possible and the owner undertakes to take all reasonable steps to rectify the problem quickly.
  • The Tenant is to be provided with a full inventory and it is important that any discrepancies are notified to the Landlord within seven days of taking occupancy.
  • To respect the maximum number of persons allowed to occupy the Property. Guests are welcome on a temporary basis.
  • There is absolutely no subletting allowed of any form.