After supporting overseas property owners in Chamonix with purchases and construction projects for many years, we’re using the skills we’ve developed to expand our property management services.

Chamonix property management services from Pangea offer a catch all solution to the numerous challenges faced by overseas owners of properties in the area. Extremes of weather, home security, boiler maintenance and post box management are just a few of the things that can be impossible to deal with when living abroad. That’s where we come in…

Managing your second home is our first priority

Having offered property services in Chamonix for a number of years, our team are more than used to the various issues that can arise when maintaining a home in the area. Thanks to our vast experience, our team are fully equipped to provide a proactive approach to property management and maintenance. Pangea conduct regular maintenance checks on our client’s properties while their owners are away to ensure any potential issues are addressed promptly before they develop into problems. Using our network of established and trusted local tradespeople, we assist our non-French speaking clients in understanding the costs and taxes which apply for property maintenance and make sure they receive the best possible service at the best possible price.

The most comprehensive property management service Chamonix has to offer

Our chalet management service also offers numerous additional benefits to second home owners in Chamonix, ideal for making visits to your property trouble free.

  • We can take care of maintenance of vehicles kept on site at a client’s property, ensuring no weather related or mechanical issues arise.
  • We arrange regular servicing and ensure all required licensing is up to date so that everything works as expected when you come to enjoy your property.
  • We can stock the fridges and cupboards ready for your arrival and keep the garden trimmed and the plants watered.
  • During your stay we can even arrange to sort out your laundry and linen, so you can spend less time doing housework and more time enjoying your holiday.

If you would like more significant work completed on your property in your absence we can handle that too – we are experienced in everything from managing redecoration, home extensions and setting up new appliances; whatever your second home needs, our team has the experience to make it happen.

Snowfall in Chamonix

Extremes of weather can cause damage to buildings in Chamonix, but our management service proactively tackles issues before they can arise.

Meeting the challenges of owning property in Chamonix

One of the main challenges when maintaining a property in the area is the weather. Our property management services give you peace of mind; we increase the number of visits during times when our client’s properties might be at particularly high risk of damage from severe rain, wind, cold or snow. You’ll never need to waste your time dealing with dodgy plumbing or electrical faults. Our skilled workforce of reliable professionals is on hand to take care of everything. From a leaky tap to a blown fuse; our local, fully insured tradesmen can assist with all interventions, large or small. We take pride in saving our clients time and money by fixing smaller problems before they become larger issues.

Maintaining property security

If your main residence is in another country, it’s important to have peace of mind that, if the unthinkable happens, security related issues can be resolved quickly and efficiently. Pangea are always on-call should any of the alarms in your house be triggered. We’re here to help coordinate security visits and, if necessary, the emergency service responses.

Proactive property management in Chamonix

Our proactive approach is without doubt the most cost effective way of maintaining a property in the valley, avoiding the need for expensive emergency call outs, or the increased costs incurred if damage is left to develop unchecked. We believe we provide the best value property management service Chamonix has to offer. Get in touch today or give us a call on +33 6 27 68 47 11 to discuss how we can help you.