Chalet Moussoux Apartment Conversion Project 01

Kitchen dining area

As coronavirus travel restrictions are gradually eased throughout the world, the team at Pangea have had a busy start to 2022. We have been engaged on a number of exciting projects for both new and existing clients throughout the Chamonix area.

One such project is an extensive renovation management programme for a client in Moussoux, where we have been engaged on five separate projects. Each project has a different specification, schedule and plan of works. Taking on five projects at once might sound like a challenge, but as our clients will attest, it is well within our capability. Our strong network of contractors and vast experience with construction and renovation management means the team at Pangea is more than capable of coordinating the multiple moving parts involved with an ambitious project such as this.

Exterior building photo

The exterior of the outbuilding before works began.

The first of the five projects is rather an interesting one. Whilst on many occasions we handle the renovation of an old chalet or the construction of an entirely new one, in this case we have been asked to convert an old outbuilding into a self contained apartment. An apartment conversion project like this is something of a designer’s dream, as the constrained space requires ingenuity and careful planning to extract the most utility from the building whilst simultaneously maintaining an airy and open feel.

The dated interior of the outbuilding

The dated interior was long overdue an update.

Since the outbuilding had not previously been used as an apartment, it was lacking the typical infrastructure required for habitation. With this in mind, the first task was to oversee the installation of water, waste and electrical supplies to the building.

In the course of establishing these key supplies it became apparent that the existing foundation required stabilising and that full below ground waterproofing was necessary. This is not unusual for older buildings in Chamonix, as construction standards have evolved a great deal since many were originally constructed. Our team continued to drive the project forward at pace to avoid any delays related to the additional work. Thanks to our deep knowledge of typically unforeseen renovation setbacks, we had already budgeted time into the schedule for issues such as this and therefore were able to avoid extending the renovation timeline and remain on schedule.

The new kitchen

The new kitchen made excellent use of the available space.

With the exterior works complete, we were able to turn our attention to the interior. Initially we focussed on the replacement of all periphery windows and doors. The old wooden units had fallen into disrepair and were below the energy efficiency standards needed to maintain a comfortable environment.

A selection of new double-glazed units was installed, complemented by complete periphery internal insulation, bringing the living space up to cosy and quiet modern standards.

Kitchen dining area

The remodelled ground floor kitchen dining area with new spiral staircase.

We completed the internal fit out with a full electrical rewire to support modern appliances whilst adding and relocating power sockets to more convenient positions for modern living. The installation of a new bathroom, kitchen and mezzanine bedroom with stunning real-wood fitted wardrobes completed the interior refurbishments.

Wood finished bed area

Beautiful built in storage in the bedroom made smart use of the space.

As can be seen in the photographs, great care and attention was paid to the selection of finishes to provide a blend of “modern and mountain”.

Bold use of wood grain, matched with lighter coloured finishes, ensured that the space had a natural, earthy warmth, yet remained bright. The inclusion of a spiral staircase helped maximise the small footprint of the building whilst also contributing additional natural textures to the living space.

Spiral staircase

The spiral staircase looks fantastic and is also space efficient.

We are currently working with our interior design partners in Chamonix to dress and furnish the chalet. This will involve carefully selecting pieces which match the interior finishes, whilst also being sympathetic to the limited space and unique layout of the property.

Here’s a quick peak at what we have achieved so far. We’ll follow up with some professional photography once the interior design work has been completed.



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May 5, 2022