Chalet Emergency Response Services

Owning a second home in Chamonix is a brilliant investment, but like all investments it must be properly managed and taken care of to preserve it. Many chalet owners interested come to our property management team with concerns about the security of their Chalet in an emergency situation, and we’re always glad to help.

Dealing with the unexpected whilst living and working abroad, in a foreign language, can be a major problem. The stress of not being on the ground and able to deal with things like a break in or a burst pipe can put a lot of people off buying a chalet altogether. Our Chamonix-based, bilingual property management team mean there’s no need to worry, we provide constant eyes and ears on the ground and ensuring your property is taken care of at all times and to the highest standards.

Heavy snowfall and freezing temperatures can be a concern, our experienced property management team look ahead and prepare in advance.

Having lived in the area for many years, our team have experienced almost all possible scenarios and know how to solve any emergency. Our trusted network of local contractors are available to fix any issues quickly, however thanks to our proactive approach often they don’t need to.

Pangea’s property management team don’t wait for things to break before we fix them, we plan ahead for storms, freak weather conditions and anything else that could cause a problem and take care of it in advance. Most often, this means regular checks of the water and heating systems, ensuring they’re serviced regularly and performing as expected. If anything needs replacing we’ll take care of everything and present you with a range of options which won’t cost the earth.

With Pangea property management the security of your chalet need not be a concern

Our property management team make regular checks that your property is secure for your peace of mind. We’ll link your alarms to our systems so we’ll know the moment anything out of the ordinary happens and also check any outbuildings and garages regularly. We aim to make owning your second home as stress free as possible, so if you have any concerns at all don’t hesitate to ask.

Our Chamonix emergency response service covers properties throughout the whole surrounding area, so if you own a second home in Chamonix and would like help managing it don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team today.