Property Management for Airbnb Chalets in Chamonix

Do you use Airbnb to let out your property in Chamonix whilst working abroad?

Pangea services provide a tailored property management service for properties let through rental management websites, giving you absolute peace of mind that your chalet is always prepared to receive guests, is found in the best possible condition and remains looked after once your guests depart.

Our Airbnb Property Management services include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Ensuring the boiler is regularly tested and maintained and the home is kept warm
  • Regular electrical testing
  • Cleaning bedding and other linen
  • Fridge stocking for arrivals
  • Taking care of any breakages or malfunctions during & after your guests’ stay
  • Inventory audit and checking condition before and after guests leave

Preparing your chalet for Airbnb arrivals

Our proactive approach means your property is always ready to receive visitors. You don’t want to have any nasty surprises like a broken boiler or an internet outage the day your guests are about to arrive, and you don’t want to visit your second home and find that your guests haven’t been looking after it very well. We’ll also ensure it’s easy for your guests to get in and out of the property, with staff working locally taking care of your spare keys and any alarm systems used on the property.

Proactive maintenance for Airbnb chalets

If anything does go wrong, we’re on site to find out what has happened and get things sorted out quickly so you don’t have to delay the arrival of your next guests. Thanks to our trusted local network of craftspeople and electricians we’ll ensure anything that needs to be fixed is taken care of promptly and professionally, so it doesn’t need to be done twice.

Our proactive approach and firm belief in preventative maintenance will save you time and money. Scheduled visits to your property at regular intervals will ensure everything is always working as it should be. We check specifically for signs of wear and tear that without intervention could lead to greater expense or inconvenient breakdown. Thanks to our extensive experience, we know exactly what to look for. Maintaining your property this way avoids the need for costly emergency call outs. From tightening up the screws on a loose cupboard to an entire redecoration, our maintenance team are on hand to take care of it.

Protecting your property investment in Chamonix

Your overseas property is a big investment, so even when renting directly and approving guests yourself via Airbnb, it can still be a little daunting letting your home to people you don’t know. We’re here to keep an eye on things and ensure that the chalet is left in the same condition it was received in.

Chamonix property management for Airbnb lets

Our Airbnb property management services cover all aspects of managing the property. Whilst we don’t cover arranging and managing the rental process itself, we manage many properties on behalf of owners who choose to rent directly through sites like Airbnb.

We understand that property management and rental sourcing are two completely different entities, requiring different skills. We leave the marketing of rentals to the professionals in that field, but if your chalet is let directly, we’re on hand to ensure it is always presented immaculately and properly maintained between visitors. Our approach ensures we always act in your interests and keeps our responsibilities clear.

Get in touch with our friendly team in Chamonix today to discuss managing your property let through Airbnb and let us create a service that is exactly suited to your needs.