Chalet renovation in central Chamonix

Much of our chalet construction and renovation work involves managing our client’s projects from their initial plans through to final completion. In some cases, however, we take on projects where renovation has stalled and remained unfinished. Taking on such projects requires an experienced eye, since care is needed to continue construction in a way that is compatible with previous works.

Earlier this year we were approached by a property investor who was looking to acquire a partially finished project in the centre of Chamonix. With the project already partially underway, we first needed to make a full assessment of the works required to complete the project and present the costs to our client.

Chalet renovation in central Chamonix

The client was happy with our approach and asked that we take over the project and manage it through to completion. Works began in early March 2021 and are now well underway. External work is on track to conclude in the coming weeks. 

As with all construction projects, the early phases involved a mix of administrative assistance and construction planning. Pangea Services began with the necessary buildings surveys and energy efficiency testing in order to obtain all relevant planning approvals from the local authorities. Navigating complex local regulations and restrictions can be tricky, however owing to our bilingual team we were able to complete these initial phases of the project without issue or delay.

Chalet renovation in central Chamonix

The next steps, currently underway, are the completion of the exterior finishes and building works, including construction of a new stand-alone concrete and timber garage. Other work includes:

  • Vital below ground waterproofing to protect the floors and foundations from the Chamonix weather.
  • Rain and wastewater infrastructures.
  • Building Insulation to conform to RT2012 requirements.
  • External timber panelling and render finishes offering a high specification finish.
  • Garden hard & soft landscaping.

With work progressing at a pace and no delays in sight we plan to complete the project in time for the summer rental season in the valley. We expect our client will be delighted with the result and look forward to sharing more details on the project in the coming weeks.


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May 20, 2021