Brevent Chalet 015 – Update


It has been a busy few weeks here at Pangea Services with some large scale renovation projects now fully underway. As usual, our projects remain on schedule and on budget, using only the best contractors in the region to carry out some impressive structural transformations.

One of our major construction projects in Brevent is now well underway. We have now set up our temporary site office, essential for a project of this size and duration. From here our team can easily meet with all contractors and the client on site to review plans and discuss progress.

With major excavations being carried out all around the chalet, we quickly discovered that the original foundations of the property required upgrading. We needed to recast a concrete footing to properly support the building and to allow us to install the damp proof membrane to adequately protect the structure from the weather in the region.

Our team have plenty of experience with renovations like these and the key to keeping things on schedule is proper planning. With such major structural work taking place, it was essential to work in stages to avoid destabilising the building. Throughout the process we remain in contact with the client and the builders, providing realistic estimates of the time required to complete each section of recasting and membrane installation.

The building facia has now been fully stripped away and will eventually be replaced once work on the foundations has been completed. The aged slate roof can then be stripped away too, ready for replacement with more uniform slate finish, which will complete the exterior facelift.

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May 15, 2019