Brevent Chalet 015 – Update #2

Construction project render

Complex renovation work on a client’s chalet in Brevent continues to progress on schedule following earlier improvements to the building’s foundations and damp proofing.

As with many of the renovation projects we oversee, our client lives overseas and travels often, meaning they are relying heavily on Pangea to keep the project on budget and on schedule. Our team are more than comfortable with this arrangement and have been able to keep the project moving forward without the need to disturb the client at all.

A major success came recently when our team were able to negotiate access to the back of the chalet via a neighbouring property. The proposed extension to the rear of the building requires significant excavation and heavy machinery, however the sides of our client’s property were too narrow to allow access. Our client was delighted that we were able to bring the delivery date forward by 4-5 weeks now that our contractors are able to access the property from the rear.

To give an idea of the scale of the excavation, sixteen 20-tonne trucks having been leaving the property on a daily basis. We turned to one of the most reliable construction companies in the area, Mont Blanc Material, to get the job done.

Our renders give an idea of what the rear of the property will look like once complete and demonstrate the scale of the excavation.

Currently, work is ongoing to re-establish the chalet’s previous foundations and waterproof the extension.

We frequently renovate chalets which were built some time ago and are no longer constructed in line with modern standards. Tackling these issues in tandem with construction of the extension ensures our clients can enjoy their chalets trouble-free for years to come. As soon as this phase is completed the roof will be added and the building will become watertight – ready for the internal fit out.

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July 2, 2019