Aguille du Midi Chalet

Many of the projects we manage are for major construction work on dated homes in need of modernisation. For other clients, whose chalets may have already been modernised, we often take on more specialised projects such as building extensions and outbuildings. We were recently approached by our client to assist with an interesting extension project.

The extension under construction

The extension under construction

The chalet is conveniently positioned within a stone’s throw from Chamonix’s famous “Aguille du Midi” lift in the heart of the region. The client was keen to maximise the footprint of their chalet by creating a new wooden balcony and seating deck for additional external living space. The aspect of the chalet affords incredible views of Mont Blanc which would be further enhanced by the new deck.

Extension in progress

Even at this early stage, it was clear the balcony would receive a lot of sun

Some internal renovation work had been carried out on the building in recent years, but it remained in need of significant external work to improve the finish and accommodate the new balcony. The development also required modifications to the window and door openings along this elevation to allow more natural light into the chalet and facilitate better access to the extension.

Internal modifications

Internal modifications were required for access to the balcony

Work was carefully planned with our partner architects and trades in the valley to ensure swift and problem free approval of the planning application. Having previously managed hundreds of chalet construction projects in the region, we’re always able to help our clients avoid the pitfalls of local regulations in order to realise their vision. Our team was already in touch with a trusted local construction company, meaning as soon as approval was granted work on the extension was able to begin.

The deck being finished

Finishing touches being applied to the decking

Despite the challenges presented by COVID-19, the project went ahead on schedule and all work complied with the relevant safety guidance. The balcony was duly completed during the Autumn of 2020. This was ideal for our client, who was able to make full use of the extension over Christmas & new year.

Finishing touches to balcony

Exterior finishing to protect the wood in progress

The client was delighted with the work and invited us to continue managing further refurbishments to the exterior of the chalet. Ongoing renovations include a complete roof replacement, façade weatherproofing and garage modifications. These projects are all planned for completion during 2021, we look forward to sharing additional updates on our progress as work continues. See more of our projects here, or contact us for help with your project.


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April 1, 2021